is a leading developer of fitness and health apps with over 27 million active users.

Our apps have been topping best-seller lists both for iOS and Android devices for several years already. We care so much about our products that they get regularly marked by Apple Editors and reviewed by major media journalists. Many of our informational products have evolved into vibrant communities of people working hard to feel and look good.

Just to name a few of our trend-setting apps:

We value comfort and focus on easy-to-use intuitive apps that know your body as well as you do. Whether you are jogging, doing yoga or lifting at the gym, you can count on our apps.

To make your workouts even smarter and more effective we have partnered with LifeBeam to introduce revolutionary fitness wearables. Our products are based on precise technology used by pilots and astronauts; they are so comfortable and smooth you won’t ever look back at chest straps and bracelets.

Since we value simplicity and usability above everything, we have made sure that both the Smart Cap and the Visor integrate seamlessly with all possible gadgets of apps. As a result all our wearables are ANT+ and BLE compatible.

We dream of perfect workouts and full body control, so share the dream and experience the ultimate quality with our latest products!

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