Smart Cap Track your workouts like a pro! Smart Cap Track your workouts like a pro!

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It may look like a cap but it's truly out of this world. Or at least 32,000 feet above it since our products were tested at aerospace levels on NASA pilots.

  • Optical heart-rate sensor that is seamlessly integrated into the cap
  • Biometry: heart rate, calories consumption, step management
  • Compatible with 22 mobile fitness apps and 261 devices
  • Syncs with apps / devices in seconds
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We are proud to provide you with a revolutionary piece of wearable technology that uses electro-optical sensors to monitor your heart rate, cadence and calories, and transmits that data where you want it. That’s right. You decide where to send the information. It’s your fitness regimen. Take back control.

    • Long lasting battery life allows you to stay charged longer – up to 17 hrs.
    • Advanced optical sensor monitors heart rate and counts your calories*
    • Dual module with Bluetooth® 4.0 and ANT+™ connectivity on board
    • All weather compatible and hand washable wearable gadget
    • Pro dri-fit cap design with Velcro strap – one size fits all
    • Sound and LED light user interface
    • U.S. & Europe certification Smart Cap is compatible with 260+ fitness apps and 20+ devices.

    Supported fitness tracking apps / devices

    * – Powered by LifeBEAM technology

Bluetooth & ANT+ heart rate monitor

  • Readable heart rate: 30 BPM to 220 BPM
  • Communication modules: ANT+™ and Bluetooth low energy (BLE)
  • Sensors: optical heart-rate sensor plus 3-axis accelerometer
  • Operating temperature: -5°C to 45°C (23°F to 113°F)
  • Battery type: Rechargeable 100mAh lithium polymer
  • Battery life: 17 hours of continuous use
  • Water resistance: All weather compatibility
  • Fit: Velcro strap, one size fits all
I recommend! That’s the way a sport wearable should be. Measures accurately, looks great! The price is also reasonable. A good way to upgrade your workouts.
Joseph J. McBride - 09/11/2014
Just tested my new sport cap Today I tried the cap and used it together with a chest strap. Cap wins in usability - it’s lighter and doesn’t hinder movements.
Marie Brownlow - 22/11/2014
X-mas present for husband My husband enjoys wearing it. Morning runs are much more pleasant now.
Alissa - 18/12/2014 Cap Review just got my blue cap! Exactly what I expected to see. Weight, color and material are exatly the same as in the description. Syncing with my iPhone is quick and easy.
Cynthia J. - 25/12/2014
Good Easy, intuitive and trouble-free way to track my heart rate. Recommended.
Ed Schafer - 13/01/2015
Wearable tech that works! I tried several bracelets but was disappointed. One lacked proper navigation, another broke after 20 miles. I’ve tried the cap only because a buddy recommended it - and I ended up loving it. It’s light, works easily with my Samsung, battery can be charged just once a week. Finally smart tech comes to fitness.
Sam - 15/01/2015
Day runner gear I hate hats but I have to wear them because of Cali sun. Love my morning running now.
Anonymous - 04/02/2015
Made my day Chest straps seem to be designed for super-fit folks. For us overweight starters they are hell. Thankfully I discovered this cap!!! At last a body monitor that is not fat-shaming. Amazing!!!
Bo - 10/02/2015
Perfect gift My girlfriend got me this before my first marathon. Now I use it for all my runs.
Ted - 11/02/2015
Weather-resistant Pretty nice and reliable. The sensor works well in sunny, foggy or rainy days. Has anyone tried it in winter?☺
Cecilia1989 - 22/02/2015
I don’t pay more for tech Most workout hats are about the same price. But here you get extra value for your buck! I’m chasing smartphone deals so why not saving some on fitness tech as well?
Richard P. Bing - 27/02/2015
Tracking great I always use a hat to protect myself from UV. If my hat can do more than just keep me cool, that’s fantastic! Thank you guys for helping me take care of my health!
Joel - 01/03/2015
Easy and accurate That cap is light and easy to use. You don’t feel the sensor at all, still it tracks your heart rate. I did’t run with Visor yet. Hope it works same way.
Anonymous - 01/03/2015
Anytime wearable For the years of running I tried a fair share of tech devices. Really surprised this one works well on long distances & in bad weather. Hope it keeps working that way! Really happy I found these guys!
Timothy p - 05/03/2015
The next big thing! Everything is great about the cap, I’ve done several races and loads of training with it. The next edition could also use some headphones IMO!
Audry Edward - 11/03/2015
Doing Great! I’m excited about this bargain. Calories, heart rate, pulse tracking in one place. Looking forward to whatever you come up with next!
Digna E. Atkinson - 12/03/2015
Not bad First time I felt a bit weird, but it didn’t take long to get used to it.
Xero - 15/03/2015
Same but Better! I track all major body functions but don’t look like Robocop or a lab rat! Do consider it!
William L. Bynum - 17/03/2015